The Young Dubliners | House of Blues, LA | Music Photography

I was ridiculously excited as I headed to The House of Blues, Sunset Strip the other week. It was going to be my first time making images at the legendary HOB (as well as being one of the last times as their doors are closing.) That thrill was small compared to the joy I felt getting to watch the boys of The Young Dubliners rock in front of my lens again. The last time our paths crossed was back in 2011 at a bar called Mexicali’s in NJ.  It had been ages and I couldn’t wait to hug everyone again.
My excitement was already at the max when I found out Eric Rigler would also be joining them.  Eric Fucking Rigler.  He is the badass of all badass pipers. You know who he is, well, you know his Uilleann pipes anyways. Titanic, Braveheart, etc etc..if there are Uileann pipes being played, it is probably him. I cannot even remember the last time I got to see his magic.
The show was fucking awesome. The guys rocked like they always do and the crowd ate up every moment. I LOVED the venue and I hate money since that is the reason they are closing the amazing space, seriously?!?! why would anyone want to live in condo’s on what used to be the HOB’s??  Isn’t Sunset Strip cool >because< of the landmark spots?  Why people gotta destroy awesome??  but i digress, this night was awesome.  Great music, great crowd, great reunions *Erica n Gretchen*, great space, great guys.
Fantastic night!!!!

Young Dubs – Saints and Sinners Album

The Young Dubliners have a new album coming out on Feb. 3!! I got to hear some of the rough mixes and they sound great so I know the album is going to RAWCK. I am looking forward to getting my own copy and am very excited to share some of the album artwork with ya’ll. The individual shots of the guys are all from shows that I shot over the past year.

Ireland w/the Young Dubliners | Covington Portraits


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Ireland with the Young Dubliners

WoW! What a amazing trip. Ireland is amazing, the Dubs are incredible and everyone on the trip ROCKED! I’d like to rewind a week and do it all again.
The guys played 4 shows… and right now my brain isn’t working to figure out the names of the venues…

show 1

next day was a stroll around dublin
checked out trinity college

dublin has really happy mannequins

then we were on a bus to the countryside…

and then back on the bus


dubs show in waterford

then there was a bus and a dinner and a bus

and then the show that felt like we were at a wedding reception – it was awesome. best musical guest for a wedding ever!

the venue…see why we called it the wedding show

photo by bren

then more bus and stops to see pretty ireland

bus and towns and bus and the last SHOW

and then one more castle..

and time to go home. tired. hence the shortened blog…