Playing in the Dark | Light Painting | Covington Imagery

I love light painting!  It is so much fun to try to paint in the dark!  This is how I entertain myself without internet at my home!  I tried out the first picture sort of using myself as a guide and then went and interrupted my mom who was watching ‘Criminal Minds’.

Me “Mom, can I borrow you for a second?”

Mom “why?” her voice gets a bit nervous “what do you want with me?”

Me “I want to set you on fire.”

Mom  “The Criminal Minds team will hunt you down and find you if you do that!”

NiteLite-Test-20140530-04-CovingtonImagery-SM NiteLite-Test-20140530-09-CovingtonImagery-SM



Then I decided to go outside.  There is no internet in the middle of the country but it is dark, oh so wonderfully dark, at night!  The image below probably took about 20+ minutes to paint.  I used the same flashlight for everything, just a regular flashlight with different gels for colors.


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Natalie Michelle Portraits & Tulle | Covington Portraits

I love creating images of people who are down to have a fun time!  Allison Crawford of Scissors Hair Salon and I met up with Natalie for some fun and to make some beauty portraits on a gorgeous afternoon in Richmond.  Natalie brought a beautiful hand blown glass link necklace by Heart Core Glass & I’m all sorts of in love with their designs now.  Check out their instagram page here for awesome!  Thanks to the Well’s brothers for lending a hand for some fabric throwing.




Groovinyasa at The Camel with Russell Lacy | Covington Events

After quite a raucous weekend introducing Von Shakes to Richmond, VA, I headed over to The Camel on a Sunday morning (in my jammies) to create images of Ali Bullano’s 2nd Groovinyasa class.  The class featured musical guest Russell Lacy and he brought a bluesy/funky twist to the practice.
Everyone just fit in the space – this class is an instant hit and she is going to need a larger space soon for all the awesome.  Ali lead everyone through the series of poses with her calm and steady presence, the best thing about her voice is you know she is just about to smile at you, there is that warmth, I think that is part of why she is such a trusted teacher. She makes me feel that even my uncoordinated self might be able to maintain a pose without falling down.  😛





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Karen Carbone’s Headshots | Covington Portraits

The multi talented Karen Carbone of Carbone Entertainment made the trek from Silver, Spring MD for a pampering portrait day in a Brooklyn studio.

<3 what you do.

Groovinyasa – The Music of Yoga | Covington Events

Ali Bullano has developed a beautiful joining of music and vinyasa called Groovinyasa.  The first class was at Shockoe Slip Yoga, a cool studio.   DJ Williams of DJ Williams Projekt and Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe sat in for the first class and let his funky fingers guide and join with the flow of movements, all beautifully lead by Ali.  She has a wonderful tone to her voice and I found myself feeling both energized and chilled at the end of the hour.  She brings a great energy to the practice and I can see why she has a regular following.

<3 what you do.

Sarah | High School Senior Photography | Covington Seniors

Sarah is a beautiful girl with big dreams that she is chasing.  I loved chatting with her and her mom about how they are starting to cultivate her modeling career before she graduates from high school.  The camera loves her and she has a great sense of style.  I am so in love with her boots!!


<3 what  you do.

Anne’s Beauty Portraits | Covington Portraits

Anne  is just soulfully stunning.  She is able to connect through the camera lens and it is always an incredible pleasure to create images with her.  This day found a whole crew gathered in a Brooklyn studio.  Natalya rocked the makeup and Sabine, Natasha, Cecelia & Brian made all the rest of the things about the afternoon awesome.   There was a lot of laughter, a lot of fabric tossing & a whole lot of pretty in the studio that day!

<3 what  you do.

Madison’s Published Senior Session on Modern Teen Style | Richmond Senior Photographer | Covington Seniors

It is an incredible honor to have my high school senior session with Madison from Lee-Davis High School featured on Modern Teen Style.  A friend messaged me congratulations and I had to wait over a week to be able to see the feature as I was Scuba Diving in the Lembeh Straits in Indonesia and didn’t have access to a computer.  I was very excited to hear that Modern Teen Style loved our editorial style shoot as much as we did.  We spent a gorgeous fall day running around Richmond, VA and creating images based on her incredible wardrobe and accessories.  Madison will be a class of 2015 graduate and she is a fashion leader, not to mention an award winning hair stylist.    She placed third in the Virginia State Fair for her amazing hair creation, a super cool design of knots.  I look forward to making images of her designs.

Makeup & Hair  by Allison Crawford of Scissors Hair Studio

Richmond Senior Photographer - Modern Teen Style


<3 what you do.

Projekt for Progress | Covington Portraits

The ACE Liberia, Africa Community Exchange is a a non for profit organization who focuses on helping the youth of Liberia rebuild their worlds.  The goal of the organization is to provide a a strong model of education for the children of Liberia.  On 2/27/14,  Mekong Restaurant played home for the Projekt for Progress which was hosted by Sophie Williams for  ACE Liberia and the  DJ Williams Projekt to help raise money for the Ann Sandell Independent School.   The evening was a great success with lots of smiles, delicious food,awesome items to bid on & great music!

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<3 what  you do.

Becca + Matt | a Wisconsin Farm Wedding | Covington Portraits

Looking out at the snowy backyard makes me think back to this beautiful wedding on a farm in Manitowoc, WI.  It was the perfect September day to celebrate with this beautiful couple.
<3 these types of days.

<3 what you do.