Brain Wash Me Video Shoot | PlayLA | Unit Stills


Director, Brandon Nicholas turned Play LA into a visual playground of awesome to create a video for The Conduit’s new song “Brain Wash Me.”  The day was an adventure in reflective insulation blankets, body paint and awesome.  After hearing “Brain Wash Me” over and over and over, I was still into hearing it another time!  The song is catchy and cool.  I cannot wait to see the video once it is finished.  It was a joy to be the still photographer for this talented team.

Anna Copa Cabanna Video Shoot | Big Sky Works, NYC | Unit Stills


Unexpected awesome in NYC helping BA Miale and Anna Copa Cabanna make video magic for Turn to Crime’s video for “Light.”  Anything BA does has magic to it, her projections and creations are beautiful, cool and mesmerizing and this night I found out the same applies to Anna Copa Cabanna.  She is beautiful, cool and mesmerizing and watching her dance in front of BA’s beautiful, cool and mesmerizing projects was almost too much awesome to handle.  BA makes badass music videos and I was tickled pink that she asked me to come lend her a hand at the shoot at Big Sky Works (one of my fave Brooklyn venues.)


Had a blast making some stills and shooting some video for BA. She makes everything look so cool.

Behind the Scenes on a shoot with Lara Jade | Covington Portraits

As the air turns chilly, I have fond memories of this lovely warm summer day when Lara Jade and her incredible team came over for a fantastic NYC roof day.  It was a treat to watch her work and meet her team while creating images of them doing what they do best!  She surrounds herself with fantastic people and they get an incredible job done while having a great time.

Lara Jade for Bryan Bantry Agency.   LINK TO THE EDITORIAL

Assistant – Natalie Walsh
Hair Stylist – Stefano Greco
Makeup – Misuzu Miyake
Stylist – Anna Katsanis
Model – Veronica Zoppolo 

Jennifer Lilya | Fashion Illustrator Portraits |Covington Imagery

I know that I say this all the time, but these things are good for repeating. I am so grateful for what I get to do. I get behind the curtain access to the most incredible people. Most recently, I was invited into the home of Jennifer Lilya, a star fashion illustrator.  She needed some portraits and after discussing how she worked, we decided that the best way to create images would be for me to just go to her studio while she was working.  Images that captured who she was and how created was the goal for her environmental portraits. Being a girl who could never draw with pen or marker (the camera has always been my only artistic outlet) I am fascinated by people who can turn a blank piece of paper into something, especially something beautiful. If left to my own devices, I’d end up with a blob of color. Jennifer made it look easy. She works in stages on a series of images. First she does a light outline of the basic shape in a light flesh colored tone, that sheet is set aside and she draws the next light figure and so on. Once the first one is dry, she adds a bit more color on another layer. The round robin drawing continues until she completes the figure costumed in an amazing creation.

To say I was blown away watching this happen would be an understatement. Thank you Jenn for having me into your home and sharing your art.