Night 21 on The Rock and Roll Highway with Nellie Wilson and Lone Wolf | Madison, WI | The Frequency | Covington Rock

The search for live music in Madison, WI brought up a show at The Frequency with Nellie Wilson.  The name grabbed me instantly and images of her in a country skirt puffed out with petticoats got my attention and I checked out some of her music.  I was sold.  The funny, sarcastic & sometimes raunchy stories pulled me right in and I knew that this was the show.  When I chatted with Terri, she hesitently told me that she wasn’t wearing the petticoat skirts anymore that she had gone for less cutesy and more honesty.  All right, even more sold.  I showed up to The Frequency and got a taste of the sounds to come during their soundcheck.  This was going to be a great night.

Terri’s vocals are like a warm dream of butterscotch, she sings of her life and the lives she sees.  She sings of heartbreak and despair and the joy in a $2 pint.  She sings the stories of life and damn she sings them well.  And her band.  HER BAND.  The Hellbound Honeys are tight!  That fiddle – oh that fiddle!!  and those perfect slaps on the upright bass.  and the harmonies..oh those harmonies…they just pour over you with a silky flow.  I’ve found my dream in a honkey tonk, country, sweet sounding band right here.  Her songs are anthems for us all.  I cannot stop listening to her cds.  Buy them here, you will not be disappointed!

Ready for the most lovely versions of ‘you are my sunshine’ you’ve ever heard?  and a few jokes!

Next up was Lone Wolf, a one man raucous cabaret of sound.  His voice has that gravely roughness that I love about Tom Waits and the sound is brusk and in your face.  Bruno is a master of about 4900 instruments that he plays at the same time.  His music makes you stop your feet at the revivalist celebration.  The show is sensory, with the words of the songs taking a backseat to the feelings of the songs.


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