Night 18 of The Rock and Roll Hwy w/ Fury Things, Alpha Consumer and Liam Finn | Cedar Cultural Center | Minneapolis, MN | CovingtonRock

The drive from Lincoln to Minneapolis was about 6 hours, or a little longer if you end up taking a weird back route, like I did.  It was beautiful.  Big open skies with these scraggly trees by the side of the road.  I love the big wide open…  though it was very odd to come across a roundabout in this part of the country.  Like why?  I only saw a handful of cars the entire drive, what could a roundabout in the middle of nowhere do?

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As I walked into The Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis, I could hear Fury Things rocking, they sounded like a throwback to the fuzzy alternative rock of the 1990’s.  Lots of distortion and feedback with hard hitting drums and fast guitars.   The trio made a powerfully good noise.

The rocking continued with Alpha Consumer, another trio.  Their sound was more eclectic and poppy.  A bit of a 1980’s anthem of rock.  The songs were quirky and quite danceable.  It was hard to keep from bouncing around to take pictures.

The last of the night was Liam Finn and everyone there had told me three times how amazing he was and he was.  The best way that I can describe his sound is epic, eclectic and all encompassing.  He filled the space with his sound, his stare and that funky noise machine thing he played with.



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