Night 17 of The Rock and Roll Highway | ZooFest 2014 | Lincoln, NE | Covington Rock


Pete told me ZooFest in Lincoln, NE was an event that I could not miss and he was right.  They shut down the whole block and had a musical block party complete with food and beer trucks.  It was a warm night and the block was packed!  When I walked up, Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers were getting the crowd going with their polished blues.  Rod was playing a harmonica the way it was meant to be played.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone play a harmonica like that, the tone was so rich and so deep.   The entire band was tight, everyone more than killed at their solos and the jams flowed effortlessly between everyone.  Pete told me that they had been playing together for practically ever and it showed.  They had that amazing musical telepathy that only comes from years n years n years of sweat and practice together.


Next up was The Killigans, a dirty rocking Irish band.  The Killigans are a party anthem band – raise your glasses high and scream into the night type of party.  They deliver their stories with hard rock and roll based in punk.  The crowd was into it!  Every person there was fist pumping and screaming their happy into the night.

I’m happy that I made Lincoln a two nighter town.  This town rocks, the people here are great, the music is great.  Lincoln & Tulsa get my votes for fave cities so far on this tour.  I’ve found magic the whole way around the country but these two towns take the cake.  Me like!
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