Night 16 of The Rock and Roll Highway (Part 2) | Lincoln, NE | The Zoo Bar | Covington Rock

7/10/14 – Lincoln NE

After The Soft White Sixties, I didn’t know how the evening could get any better.  I mean, I was just rocked the fuck out, it is hard to come after that.  As I stood outside chatting with the boys of the Sixties, I heard a soulful jam coming out of the door, gaining in intensity, with those fast high hat hits that make my shoulders move.  I found my feet dancing towards the door and I yelled bye over my shoulder as the funky jams pulled me back inside the Zoo Bar.  This was soooo good – nasty jam music that makes your lip curl with that funky beat that gets the hips moving.
The drummer, Cal Harman, blew my mind when he opened his mouth, I had been forewarned but it still made my mouth fall wide when this skinny glasses wearing white boy opened his mouth and Barry White came out.  WHAT THE AWESOME!!!   A Ferocious Jungle Cat got everyone in The Zoo Bar dancing and grooving to a good time.  The stage was packed with talent.  I want everyone to look up their song “Lady” and listen to it right now.  You won’t be disappointed.  Then you should buy their album.


I must give a shout out to Pete and the fantastic staff at The Zoo Bar.  Easily, one of my favorite places from the summer’s tour.  This is a dive bar with history, with soul, with damn good acoustics too.  The music sounded great from every spot in the bar.  I don’t know if it was the shape, long rectangular with very high ceilings, yet still very intimate, that gives the special sound but lordy, music sounds good in here!!  I highly recommend going to this spot if you are ever passing through Lincoln, NE.  Pete and his crew have made a wonderful place that I am going to call my home away from home on this musical adventure.  I felt like a member of the Zoo family after minutes and I cannot wait to find myself at this wonderful spot again.   By the end of the evening, Pete had convinced me that I had to stay in Lincoln for one more night.  The next night was ZooFest, an annual festival that he puts on.  The whole street out front would be blocked off with a huge stage at one end and there would be music all night long….

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