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I was so excited to be a part of the 100% cast & crew family as the Unit Still Photographer for the short film Chickadee!

When I heard what producers Sarah Chaney and Heather Olt were putting together with Alissa Jessup, I knew this was an incredible opportunity. I’ve been working in the film world a long time as both a hand model and a photographer and the ratio of women to men on every set is very low. I have worked with three female director and one female DP in the 13 years I have been working on commercials! The articles going around about gender inequality in hollywood aren’t exaggerating.  There are very few women found on the majority of sets. & the crazy thing is if you look at the history of cinema, you find that 1/2 of all writers, directors and production company owners before 1925 were women!  So what happened between 1925-2015 to create such imbalance? and what can happen in 2015 to start a reversal?

One great thing to help start a new trend, is 6 With Heels. The production company founded by Sarah & Heather, they state very clearly in their mission statement that “women will make up at least half of the cast,crew and content of our multimedia productions. YES!

and then they tossed out ‘half’ for their first project and said ‘, lets go all in’ and a cast and crew was formed entirely of ladies.

“I’d love to see four girls who actually get along in a movie that’s not about chasing some guy or marrying somebody. Like, where the f–k is our ’Pulp Fiction?’ Where is our ’Reservoir Dogs’? Where’s that cool s–t with the chicks kicking ass, having some fun?” – Michelle Rodriguez

Here ya go, Michelle Rodriguez, here ya go.

100% women cast and crew short film #girlpower

100% women cast and crew short film #girlpower

After being inspired by Michelle Rodriquez’s words, Allissa Jessup wrote, directed and starred in the hysterically real and funny comedy about a gal who throws a baby sister for her sister. A gal, who is the older sister, married, without children and very unfiltered. Things detour rather quickly from a simple afternoon party.


Images from the table read to the weekend shoot!

Talented women are available for every position in front of and behind the camera. Women are not a niche, we write, direct, light, prop, gaff, boom, photo, whatever is needed.
and if that isn’t enough,
a female crew will slash your crafty budget. (I heard after wrap, a lot of the unopened crafty was returned.}

though nothing remained of the pie! Thanks Piehole for the delicious prop!!!


Interesting Articles on women in film


plus there is the spontaneous dancing.



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